Everything is Essential When You’re Making Quality Music

If you like writings songs and want to turn it into a legitimate career, then you probably know how necessary the right gear is. Sometimes you’ll see great artists on the rise and you know that they have what it takes for success, but you also think they won’t amount to much until they buy some better equipment. Whether it’s new instruments, better cabling, a new drum set or anything else needed to achieve the best tones possible, everything, you think, is essential. But here’s the thing: anyone can splash out cash for new gear with enough motivation to work hard and save up money. But that’s not what’s truly important here.

The real issue in the modern music industry is that everybody thinks that proper equipment instantly means god-tier music, which is so often false. You can have the best equipment in the whole wide world, but if your music is shit then nothing can save you. That’s why young rock and metal bands out there often need to practice hard to learn how to play timbales, guitar or a piano for months or even years before they are ready to step into the studio and record some music. Before you start working on your EP, you should spend months and months listening to different music, playing riffs, fooling around with sounds and just generally experimenting.

And that’s how you amass experience that’ll be valuable when the creative and recording process begins. When you have that knowledge that can only be accrued through dedication to your craft, the world is all yours and you can have as much fun with your pals as you want. Eventually, when you record something and decide to put it out, it’s going to sound decent enough that you’ll even be able to pitch it to some local labels. If nobody picks it up, don’t worry: keep trying. You can’t expect immediate success, but with every project that you put out, more and more people are going to notice until you start embarking on low key tours around your region. While being signed is fun, and earning money just from making music is the goal for many, the most crucial thing in this business is pure fun unencumbered by financial constraints. Doing live shows, getting to hang out with fans, witnessing moshpits, and playing something that you created live for others to enjoy. It can be a life-changing experience for everybody who’s involved. It’s a fantastic feeling, almost God-like. Like the best sex games of 2019, it can make everyone happy.

What we’re actually trying to say here is that if you want to make music, you need to invest on all fronts. You have to practice, you have to study, you have to write, and yes, you also need the right equipment. Every part counts, and that’s the best thing about this business: everyone can try it out and everyone can have fun with it. That’s why new songs, albums and bands come out every single day, month and year: you can see that every project is carefully crafted with passion and hard work, and that’s what makes it all worth it in the end, whether you earn some money off of it or not. The important part is just to chill out and admire something that you created, and if other people admire it as well that’s a bonus.

As long as the industry grows, we will always witness new legends in the rock and metal communities being born every single day, and eventually we will be able to proudly say that we were a part of it. For all the kids out there who are struggling with writing, putting a band together and recording, just remember: your time will come and until then… well, just practice and go at it hard, because we are definitely rooting for you and your success. And with that being said, we’ll leave you with a pure, but powerful message – rock on!

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