Epica’s “Essence of Silence” Drum Playthrough is Poorly Named

Epica’s brand of silence is, well, louder than other types. Because they play metal, which is many decibels above silent. And they have all those “aaaaaahhhhh” choir vocals.


But soundwave size aside, hey, here’s a drum playthrough for you. Ariën van Weesenbeek, Epica skinsman, double kicks his way through the volume of “Essence of Silence,” from Epica’s new record The Quantum Enigma, which was released on May 9th.

Source: Rhythm Magazine

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  • da fuk is this ? this is just ……. ehhhhhh , and why does he have a second bass drum ? he has no kick going to it ?

    • more people do that then you think

  • Those drums sound awesome without mics.

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