ELECTRO-HARMONIX Unleashes the TONE CORSET Analog Compressor Pedal



Does your tone need a little squeeze? Perhaps it’s gained a few extra pounds (haven’t we all) and requires some tightening up. Well, Electro-Harmonix might just have the pedal for you, as they’ve just announced the release of the Tone Corset analog compressor pedal!

The Tone Corset is a super sweet, organic-sounding compressor pedal that works especially well with guitar. With controls for volume, blend, attack, and sustain, the pedal allows the player to shape the dynamics of their tone with ease. If you’re familiar with compressors at all, this pedal should seem like a piece of cake to use. The attack and sustain knobs control their respective effects, while the blend knob lets the user mix in various amount of dry and compressed signals. As Electro-Harmonix have said “By blending, the player can achieve a sound where the dry signal allows the natural pick attack to come thru, while the compressed side turns up the volume as the note decays”. The pedal also features a pad switch to lower the input signal which prevents distortion when used with high output humbuckers, bass guitars, etc. All in all, a very user-friendly interface that makes for intuitive compression on your signal!

The Tone Corset is currently available and is listed for 119 smackaroos (dollars, whatever), so gets your soon if you need that hourglass shape in your life!

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