Dirk Verbeuren Is an Authority on How “Dirk Blasts,” and He Titled His Instructional Videos Accordingly

The hell with it, I may as well focus all of today’s news posts on instruction, because there’s plenty of news on that front. First there was a Scale the Summit sight-reading bass book, and I have the start of lessons with George Kollias later, but up right now is the news that Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren is releasing Dirk Blasts.


Dirk Blasts is a series of instructional videos that will teach you, no not just blast beats, pretty much every drop of percussive knowledge in Dirk’s brain. Now don’t get too affronted faceless internet hordes, but he’s charging actual money for these. In theory the price is $80 for 24 videos (2 per month for a year), but there’s a “presale price, limited time only” of $60.

“Throughout my tours and drum clinics, I frequently get asked about playing faster, building stamina, creating dynamic grooves and making a living as a musician,” states Verbeuren. “So I decided to put together these ‘Dirk Blasts’ for all my fellow drum maniacs out there. If you’re looking to improve your technique and independence, pick up some cool chops along the way, and gain useful insight about being a professional drummer, these two monthly lessons are for you. It’s such an exciting adventure and I’m really pumped to kick it off this July!”

Dirk is a monster drummer, but the reason I really want this venture of his to succeed is that DVDs are dumb. No one blinks when a multi-disc DVD set costs a couple Jacksons, but for whatever reason folks see online videos and think “these are usually free on YouTube.” And that’s part of the reason why so many musicians still release their tutorials on outdated digital video discs… not even Blu-Rays. So if you want to promote futurism, and I guess maybe learn how to better your drum chops, head to the Dirk Blasts website.

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