The Circle Jerks’ Lucky Lehrer Is Making Some of the Best Drum Lessons Available

I’m frankly shocked that Lucky Lehrer, longtime drummer for the seminal hardcore band the Circle Jerks, has been publishing free online video drum lessons for over a month, and the music media world hasn’t had anything to say about it. It’s telling about the value placed on certain genres and players, and in many ways, is pretty dangerous.


This is because Lehrer is not only one of the all-time great hardcore drummers, but probably deserves a place on the Mount Rushmore of hard music drumming. Trained in jazz and a notorious woodshedder, Lehrer brought personality and a unique musical sense to a genre where people literally masturbate at the holy altar of “but Can he D-beat?” Lehrer is in a rare cadre of drummers who understand the history of drumming intimately, and who also care about it. He’s as much influenced by Buddy Rich and Max Roach as he is by John Bonham.

So you should probably start paying attention to this series. Check out the first few episodes below, all of which focus on various aspects of technique at a very minute level. Your shedding should see an improvement if you start to incorporate some of this stuff into your practice routine.

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