BOSS Redefines Vintage Fuzz With New FZ-1W Pedal

Boss is continuing down the path of their Waza Craft pedals, this time with the vintage fuzz sounds of the FZ-1W.


The FZ-1W is the result of exploring and analyzing vintage fuzz pedals during the production of the limited-run TB-2W Tone Bender, though Boss points out the pedal “does not provide a reproduction of a past design.” Instead, the FZ-1W is a modern interpretation of vintage fuzz using top-quality silicon transistors and offering higher gain, lower noise, deeper tone-shaping control, and more.

The FZ-1W is controlled by Level, Fuzz, and Tone knobs, as well as a Vintage/Modern switch for players to decide what type of fuzz they’re after. The pedal is available here for $199.99.

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