BOSS Launches Its First-Ever Electric Guitar That Comes with a Built-In Synth and Bluetooth Pedal Control

The Eurus GS-1 also allows its players to customise synth tones, tone, resonance, and more via an app.


BOSS is a division of the Roland Corporation and has mostly focused on developing effects pedals and amplifiers for electric and bass guitars since it was first established in 1973. The company is well known among guitar players all around the world for its diverse and unique range of products that deliver exceptional results. Now, for the first time ever, the company is releasing its very own electric guitar.

The Eurus GS-1 is designed to be highly intelligent, and according to BOSS president Yoshi Ikegami, players will be able to “take your musical vision where it’s never gone before.” Alternatively, players can take a break from creating music to find a TwinSpires Michigan promo code.

This sleek-looking electric guitar is fairly conventional at first glance, with a solid alder body, a slick C-shape maple neck, and an Indian rosewood fretboard. There are 24 Medium Jumbo frets, white dot inlays, and a bone nut atop the 12″-16″ compound radius fingerboard. A Gotoh 510T-FE1 two-point bridge, Gotoh tuning machines, and a set of specially built Eurus humbuckers round out the traditional appointments.

However, the guitar has several features that set it apart from most other products on the market. According to a press release from EURUS, the GS-1 boasts a built-in polyphonic Boss synth engine that allows players to “access a remarkable selection of analog-flavoured sounds” with the flick of a switch.

The synth engine offers excellent sound quality with natural touch response, as well as the ability to record and play six sounds, along with a synth control knob for manual tweaking. According to BOSS, all of the synth sounds react to standard playing techniques “with no latency or triggering concerns to disrupt the melodic flow.”

On top of all that, the main feature of the guitar is the fact that it can be used to program custom synth sounds through Bluetooth using Boss’s GS-1 Editor app for iOS and Android devices. This app is easy to use and offers “a variety of synth kinds and variations,” as well as the ability to tweak the tone, resonance, and other characteristics. Prior to performances, you may also target a variety of parameters to the guitar’s synth control know and remember favourite sound combinations.

Players can also take their performances to the next level with the new EV-1-WL Bluetooth wireless midi pedal. This offers the chance to control characteristics such as pitch bend, hold, filter depth, and more using a simple toe switch for handsfree capabilities and also supports up to two external footswitches.

A toggle switch, which is part of the guitar’s control structure, allows the user to easily transition between old and modern tones via two output jacks – one for standard guitar wires and one for synth. With a two-point fulcrum and staggered-height locking machine heads, it has Gotoh hardware for “smooth tremolo movement and robust tuning stability.” According to the latest press release, the guitar will be available from October 2021 at a price of $2,200 in the United States.

When speaking in a press release about their new intelligent guitar, Ikegami said, “Guitarists are forever chasing their signature tone, exploring all types of guitars, pedals and amps to discover that magical combination that fuels fresh inspiration and makes them stand out from the crowd.

“The Eurus electronic guitar concept from Boss presents a bold new path for this creative journey, unlocking infinite sonic possibilities for adventurous modern players,” he added. “Driven by the sound innovator and breakthrough mission statements over 40-plus years, Boss has developed a vast array of technological advancements in guitar electronics.

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