BOGNER’s Atma – An ALUMINUM Guitar Cab?

Well, here’s the weirdest video about a guitar cab you’ll see all month. Reinhold Bogner is an interesting cat (who unfortunately looks a bit like Saddam Hussein sometimes) who makes some screaming awesome amps, and has questionable taste in hats, as you’ll soon see.


In this video he introduces us to the idea of an aluminum guitar cab, called the Atma (to match the Atma amplifer), to which I say, why hasn’t this been done before? Aluminum is a very resonant material (the bridge on a Strandberg is made from aluminum) and although it is sure to have different acoustic properties from wood, it seems like there’s serious potential there. There had better be, to justify the $769 price tag, but I’m real interested to hear the possibilities. I imagine if you cut it right, it could actually be decently light…

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