Balaguer Guitars has just released a brand new model called “The Espada” (Spanish for “The Sword”.) One thing that I have always admired about Joe Balaguer’s guitars is his ability to fuse classic designs with modern aesthetics, while never once coming across as looking cheap or forced. Any time I see a new Balaguer model, I’m just like “Oh yeah, that makes total fucking sense and this is setting off none of my guitar OCD triggers that so many other guitar manufacturers are ALWAYS setting off.” Anyhow, Joe and I have known each other for awhile now and on top of being a generally excellent dude, I think that what his company is doing is incredibly cool and totally unlike anything else currently available.

This new model has somewhat of an “upside-down Firebird” look to it, with a modern ergonomic design which would normally beckon all of the dads out of their man caves. However, the angle that they took with this build could place it in the hands of a dad rock fanatic just as easily as it could be in the hands of any metal, jazz, punk, or blues player.

As with most Balaguer models, you can fully customize the specs to your liking. Whether you want six or seven strings, normal or fanned frets, chambered or solid body construction, Balaguer has you covered. Their online guitar builder is pretty damn cool as well. It’s the kind of thing that I think all custom guitar manufacturers should have available to their customers.

The Espada model is now available via the Balaguer online guitar builder, and pricing starts at just over a thousand smackaroos, so be sure to head over to their website and get ’em while they’re hot! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep tabs on all things Balaguer via their Facebook page.

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