Alex Webster Has a Limited “Zombie Drip” Spector Signature Bass

Alex Webster’s had a signature Spector Euro 5LX for a while now. But then someone thought: “what if we made the colors backwards?” And lo, the “Zombie Drip” Webster bass was born. Hopefully it’ll be well received and inducted to the Webster hall of fame.


Truth be told I think the finish is an improvement. I don’t know if it’s a nicer shade of red or if it just works better as the main body color, as opposed to the accent. Black and red is a tightrope to walk over “goofy mountain of extra evil metal grrrrr” but while the original recipe bass trips and falls, this new one works for me. It might just be the fuzzier, more abstract blood. Or maybe that black blood is better than red blood.


No Treble has the specs listed, and they look the same, except without a mention of the body’s maple top over its slice of walnut and alder back. That might just be an accidental omission though since it seems to be the only difference, besides the finish.

  • Strings:    5
  • Scale:    35″
  • Fret:    24
  • Construction:    Neck-Thru
  • Neck:    3-piece Maple neck
  • Fingerboard:    Ebony
  • Body:    Alder Back, Slice of Walnut
  • Finish:    “Zombie Drip” Black Drip on Red
  • Pickups:    EMG DC Humbuckers
  • Tone Circuit:    EMG BQC

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  • Cool, I still can’t afford one.

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