A Wireless MIDI Controller For Your Acoustic Guitar – The ACPAD

The ACPAD is a wireless MIDI controller pad that sticks on your acoustic guitar so that you can control, well, pretty much anything you can use MIDI for – drums, synths, bass, lights, video, effects, you name it. It’s sort of reminiscent of the Guitar Wing controller for electric guitar that we covered back in November, but seems to have a wider range of controls over a larger space. It also looks like our friend with the Bumm-Gitarre who made his own homemade drum triggers and attached them to his acoustic was only slightly ahead of his time.


According to the website, the ACPAD is meant to be thin enough to keep from interfering with your guitar’s natural resonance, and you can just stick it on with no modifications. It has a rechargeable internal battery and can be recharged or run live on USB.

The ACPAD is set to begin a Kickstarter campaign sometime soon, and has a signup on their website to receive more information as it becomes available.

As I’m sure I’m about to get the usual “that’s stupid, why would you need that, blah blah #daditude”, remember that a controller is just a gateway to creativity. I don’t know exactly what someone will use it for, I’m sure it doesn’t come with a prescribed usage, and it’s real uses won’t be discovered until creative people get their hands on them – then suddenly everyone will want one. That’s what’s great about art – someone will find a new way to express themselves with whatever new tool they are given.

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