HYVMINE Bounce Back With Their New Single Stream “Retaliation” Via LOUDWIRE


Progressive metal outfit HYVMINE are back with a new song streaming via Loudwire. The track “Retaliation” serves as a reflection of the band’s mantra; a movement within the #HyvNation for true self-empowerment of the body, mind, and soul. And while the track may not be progressive metal, it certainly has Hyvmine’s unique style all over it; something that we’ve featured here on Gear Gods before. Check it!

Guitarist Al Joseph states:

“We decided to call our second full-length album, Retaliation, because it perfectly reflects the band’s mantra; a movement within the #HyvNation (our fans/family) for true self-empowerment of the body, mind and soul! “Retaliation”is a big middle finger in the face of ALL those naysayers and negative assholes who try to rip people down, instead of providing them a support system to build them up. HYVMINE will be that support system and “Retaliation” is not meant to meant as a ‘violent attack’ taken in literal form, instead it’s simply urging those stuck in life to ‘retaliate’ against whatever is holding them back from moving forward (alcohol, drugs, pure laziness or terrible people around them).”

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