EMIL WERSTLER Launches Crowd Fund to Support New Project VERLORENER

Renowned guitarist Emil Werstler (best known for his work in Dååth) has an ambitious new project in the works and needs fans’ support to see it through. More than just a “band,” Verlorener looks to be a multi-medium artistic outpouring, equal parts sonic and visual. Check out the story:


Verlorener is a musical and visual identity created to facilitate my need to record and perform without compromise. This project is intended to be an on going effort to create a sound that is closer to what I intend to convey to the world. This campaign will serve as a preorder as well as a platform to launch what will now be my primary creative focus.

Emil continues,

This is the most important record I’ve done up to this point because It’s the first time I’ve created something without compromising. It is not targeted towards a certain audience, listener, or expectation. Because of that, I feel like it is something truly unique.

With my previous work, the listener was only getting a fraction of a musical statement out of me, where as this is the complete version of what is truly inside of my head. This is what I’m intending to say and the sound I want to be known for.

Being even slightly familiar with Emil Werstler’s work, you’ll know he’s a monster guitarist and incredibly influential musician. Verlorener’s already garnered support from heavyweights like Wes Hauch and Misha Mansoor, so don’t sleep on this if you’re ready to have your mind blown by some truly groundbreaking material.

You can visit the crowd funding campaign and offer your contribution here. At the time of writing, the project’s already been 12% funded in about 24 hours.

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