DRAGONFORCE Keyboardist VADIM PRUZHANOV Releases Solo Song Done Only an a KORG MS-20MINI


Keyboard player and all-around Ukranian music machine Vadim Pruzhanov is known for his shreddy synth work in London-based power metal band Dragonforce. While his ivory-tickling talents find their home in most of the band’s songs, Vadim has also recently ventured into some solo territory. His song “Home” is his latest creation, and the coolest part is that he produced all of it (minus the vocals) from a Korg MS-20MINI synthesizer! All of the instrumentation, including the drums sounds and harmonies, came from the Korg, which is pretty impressive. Hear it for yourself!

You can snag a copy of Dragonforce’s latest record Reaching Into Infinity on their website and follow them on Facebook to reach even further.

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