If you’re like me, you’re just ITCHING to see what hot new shit your favorite brands are going to be dropping at NAMM, because they always save their biggest whoppers for the biggest show of the year. But despite the NAMM show being 100,000 people in one convention center, not everyone who wants to go can go (or should go, for that matter – there’s a reason you have to get a pass!). So you might be relying on outlets like your friendly neighborhood Gear Gods to show you what’s new.

Sometimes, we even get the goods beforehand – if we’re lucky! Today, we are lucky, and we’re passing that luck onto you in the form of an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak into the new Strandberg Guitars lineup for 2017! Ola Strandberg himself and Plini show off the new series of import Bodens, which will be coming in 4 lines – the Metal, the Fusion, the Prog, and the Classic. Each one has a variation of different specs and features available, and we don’t get to see everything they’re releasing this year (just wait until NAMM, we’ll let you know when it’s hot!) but this should be just enough to wet your whistle!

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