NAMM 2017 – IBANEZ Revamp Premium Line for RG’s 30th Birthday

The Ibanez catalogue is no joke. Every year they drop a fuckton of new shit, and you gotta hunch over your laptop until 4:00 am every night comparing specs for a week straight…just me? Fortunately for us weirdos, the Ibanez RG’s 30th birthday bash was part of the NAMM 2017 festivities, and the celebratory RG Premium line is just awesome from features to finish. This narrows things down a bit…


If the wild neon ’80s are more your style, 30th Anniversary JEMs are on the table as well. If you wanna be a contrarian and upset the RG on its b-day, maybe the new Tosin Abasi “thing” is more your speed. Or Fredrik Thordendal’s “Stone Man.” Or JB Brubaker’s signature. Or…or… Yes, the list goes on. Check out the overview right here on this page, and save the heavy research for later.


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