NAMM 2017 – HEADRUSH PEDALBOARD is an Amp Sim with an Intuitive Touchscreen

From the looks of it at NAMM 2017, Headrush want to revolutionize the amp sim game with their new Pedalboard unit. As simulated effects and amplifiers have gotten better and better in their ability to replicate the “real thing,” why have so many tactile interfaces remained clunky and unintuitive?


It’s a difficult question to answer, so Headrush just went ahead and came up with a solution: Add a touchscreen, ya dingus. In the segment below, you can see patch creation from start to finish using the unit’s built-in touchscreen. Now, the amp simulation sounds pretty good on its own, but this is a pedalboard too. For example, in “stomp mode” you can assign effects to certain footswitches for gigging or what have you. If you’re looking to go digital, keep an eye on what this company is up to!

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