I haven’t had too many opportunities to hear Trick’s aluminum drums live, but the few times that I have – both played by the great Dave Witte with Municipal Waste – I have literally been blown away. Not only by Witte’s insane endurance, technique, and style, but also by how much tone and power from the drums came through the Waste’s riffs and Witte’s blasts.

Not only do Trick’s drums sound really great, but the company actively works on designing these ingenious little creative and practical modifications to their products. Take for example, in this video, the 360-degree rack tom suspension/mounting system, the cymbal springs (which are their solution to dirty, misplaceable felt tips), or their now-classic smooth snare throw-off. I love seeing fresh solutions to classic problems like that – how has no one thought to put a spring in between cymbal and hardware? – and applaud Trick for their commitment to innovation after all these years.

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