NAMM Day One was busy as hell as we ran around catching performances from Felix Martin, Jeff Loomis, and Wes Haunch, checking out new gear, searing for internet that wasn’t completely terrible, and snapping photos of anything noteworthy.


Caught Devin Townsend walking around the Framus/Warwick booth. Rob was standing right in front of him and didn’t even notice.

dunlop-1 dunlop-2

Pretty much the entire new line of MXR/Dunlop/Way Huge pedals was demoed for us.


ESP certainly had the most unique guitars on display. I’m sensing a theme. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I kind of feel like I’m fighting Sephiroth. Or maybe I shouldn’t blink….


But around the corner at ESP there was this uber-classy display of signature artists.


Felix Martin was my favorite performance of the day. That guy just dominates the 14-string guitar. I’m begging the slow-ass wifi at this hotel to let us finish these video uploads so I can share the footage.


Keith Merrow was in audience for Felix.


Randall isn’t fucking around with it’s new 667 and Satan amps. Nearby children started crying and ran away in terror.


These Vigier guitars are the most perfect specimens of guitarness that I have ever played.


There was seriously low-end coming from the Warwick booth. I have never heard so much simultaneous slap bass in my life.


The Faceless’ Wes Hauch had a slew of great musicians watching. Here’s Ola Englud, but Alex Skolnick, Evan Brewer, Keith Merrow, and more were also watching.

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