MENDEL: Explore Your Way Through Spacetime And Back In This New Song And Exclusive Music Video “THE AEONIAN SHIFT”

Hailing all the way from The Netherlands, solo progressive metal guitarist MENDEL (Ex-Aborted) is back again, this time with the brand new single “The Aeonian Shift” and accompanying music video! With the release of his EP The Blood, The Sin and The Djinn earlier this year, it was about time we could expect some sweet, sweet new Mendel tuneage, and boy oh boy did he deliver. Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!


“The Aeonian Shift” is a great example of all the different sounds Mendel is capable of knocking clean out of the park. From trashy drum grooves and some of the meanest chugs you’ll ever hear to neoclassical guitar leads and melodic interludes, this new single features a wide array of the sounds Mendel is known for. And as for insane music video (courtesy of the talented Alan Collins), the focus is placed on a lone space person, floating through various parts of the universe, including beautiful constellations and what appears to be an alternate dimension. It’s partially left to your imagination, but it’s a superb visual experience that is only enhanced by the music, and vice-versa.

Be sure to stream the new single “The Aeonian Shift” on Spotify, as well as follow Mendel on Facebook and Bandcamp for all future musical goodness.

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