MENDEL Releases Soundscapes From The Spiritual Dimension With “THE CONJURER”


Solo Artist MENDEL has released a single titled “THE CONJURER” from his upcoming EP. The song is cohesive, and if it’s an indicator of things to come, the EP is going to be rad. I’ll get back to that in a second, what I want to address now is, why haven’t I heard of this guy before? He boasts an impressive resume, releasing solo material as far back as 2005 and joining Aborted in 2012.

Maybe I’m living under the rock of ignorance and I’m the only one late to the party.

Mendel’s extensive five album and one EP discography covers a range of thematic elements, from Science Fiction to Spiritual Physics. The fact that these topics come across in the music is even more interesting considering there are no lyrics, yet each song sounds pretty much exactly like it’s title (listen to Shiva Quantum from Universal Omega for example).

Mendel’s upcoming album is titled THE BLOOD, THE SIN, AND THE DJINN, which makes me think it’s going to be a sonic departure from the science fiction musical themes, and into more mythological soundscapes. The single’s artwork (Remedy Art Design) is an elegantly arranged piece whose central focus is a classical depiction of a Djinn.

Just an aside, a Djinn is a spiritual creature in the greater Islamic cosmology. They exist outside of our sensory perceptions, and while, according to cosmology, angels and demons are Djinn, not all Djinn are angels or demons, the theory being that angels and demons can be perceived through some of our senses. (Here’s a picture and story of a supposed real Djinn that scared the shit out of me as a kid.) The word Djinn is where we get the English word for Genie. However, I’m pretty sure the “three wishes” thing is a Western conception.

My super secret sources tell me this album will focus more on the sound design akin to film scoring, but this first track is a pretty blistering study of tectonic riffs. Check it out above, and if you want to be sent on a trip, check out the rest of his work on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Bandcamp.

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