GOOD TIGER’S Music Video For “FLOAT ON” is Refreshingly Energetic


“Float On” by GOOD TIGER sounds like it should taste like a mojito on a hot day. Calming and relaxing, but it also gives you a quick spritz of carbonated mint to get you going. The track is the second song off the band’s newest record We Will All Be Gone, and the group has just released this official live music video for the tune. Check it!

GOOD TIGER is another group that I wanted to check out for a while, mostly because ALEX RUDINGER is on drums and I’ve heard great things about them over the past couple years. I was expecting something more djent or technical, but I’m happily surprised to hear something more in the post-hardcore vein. They seem to be shifting into a genre pocket that’s groovy, melancholic, energetic, and heavy. The fact that they’re bringing contrasting adjectives to mind is a positive trait, in my opinion, and it’s evidence that a band is doing something different.

Definitely check out “Float On” above, and follow GOOD TIGER on facebook here, Instagram here, and YouTube here. And check out their album We Will All Be Gone on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

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