Get a Grip and Jam the New Good Tiger Track “Grip Shoes”


It’s always good to see members of bands since passed do well in other bands. Good Tiger is a band for the musicians who didn’t have anywhere to go, and when their debut A Head Full of Moonlight, did as well as it did, it was a sign that the band was meant to be. Fast forward to 2017, and they announce their new album We Will All Be Gone due out in February 2018. Things are looking up for the tiger clan, and they just put out the first single for the album, “Grip Shoes”.

Guitarists Dez Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles’ playing has always been enlightening to say the least, even back when they were Safety Fire-ists. The two play just as well as, if not better, than a good portion of other dynamic duos. And that’s what really drives this song. The melodies the two make are excellent. Round that out with vocalist Elliot Coleman, drummer Alex Rudinger, and bassist Morgan Sinclair (all also very established musicians), and it’s hared to really fault what they have. Everything they do is just squeaky clean.

Good Tiger’s new album We Will All Be Gone is due out February 9th, 2018. But you already knew that if you read the first part of the article. Whoops. Anyway, you can pick up a pretty pre-order from their website. Good Tiger is also on Facebook, which isn’t surprising because everything’s on Facebook. Like em’ like you’re dying.

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