DESTRAGE Release New Song And Video For “The Chosen One”


Italian “Djeah-Core” act Destrage have been teasing new material for their forthcoming album The Chosen One, which drops May 24th, 2019 via Metal Blade Records. The band actually released three different trailers for the new album, each with their own name, and had fans vote on the album title. That’s marketing at its finest right there, and to celebrate, the dudes have just put out this official lyric/music video for the title track from the album. I use both here because although most lyric videos are just fancied-up text on a screen, this one has some clearly sick production elements, including an alien known as “Drago”. You’ll just have to watch it to understand.

As far as the song itself goes, we have another absolute classic Destrage banger on our hands here. This band has a special place in my heart with their wacky yet mature songwriting and incredible production, and this tune is no different. It’s actually a bit techier than some of their older material, which is totally fine by me, and I’m sure many other fans of the genre will agree.

Be sure to pre-order the new album here and hit these dudes up on Facebook.

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