RIVERS OF NIHIL’s Jon Topore Wrote This Original Song For DRUMCEPTION 2019

That’s right, there’s MORE!


Despite our DRUMCEPTION 2019 challenge being over, we’ve still got some amazing content with even amazing-er artists for you! As our fifth and final installment of this series featuring some of the most talented players in the modern metal scene, Rivers of Nihil guitarist Jon Topore wrote this new song as part of Toontrack’s Drumception 2019. The song itself is heavy as hell, the riffs are massive, and the guitar tones are absolutely ferocious. We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Drumception as much as we have, and we’ll see you for the next one!

What would you write to this track? Submissions for Drumception 2019 have closed, but feel free to download the drum track and have a go at it! http://bit.ly/DRUMCEPTION2019

November is Metal Month at Toontrack. For the 2019 edition, a total of six new products were released: The Death & Darkness SDX, Death Metal EZX and Dark Matter EZX by Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen, the Heavy Metal MIDI pack, the Death Metal Guitars EZmix Pack and the Deathlike Fusion MIDI pack. Find all products and loads of cool content on Toontrack’s Metal Month page: https://www.toontrack.com/metal-month

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