SELECT-A-HEAD Decorative Kick Drum Covers Slash Prices, Add New Designs


Thumbtacked posters and taped-up magazine clippings are cool, sorta, but there comes a time when you gotta bite the bullet and class up your fanboyism. Fortunately, that’s where Select-A-Head’s gotcha covered.


They specialize in 22″ kick head covers adorned with your favorite band’s art/logo that you hang on your wall, dude. Whether you’re still trippin’ on Hendrix or singing His praise with the almighty (and glamorous!) Stryper, they’ve got a wide enough selection for just about anyone to spruce up their slovenly mancave.

Select-A-Head’s recently teamed up with Mastodon too, which is a little more this demographic, if you feel me. Not that Stryper isn’t godly, but, you know. Most importantly, though, you can scoop any of their current inventory at a new, lower price point.

For more info, check them out here.

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