NE OBLIVISCARIS Are on the Hunt for a New Touring Bass Player

Ne Obliviscaris

The finest “progressive extreme melodic metal (with violin) from Melbourne, Australia” band Ne Obliviscaris have a vacant bassist position that they’re looking to fill. Though they happily partnered up with an absolute shredder for the new tunes that should be coming out sometime later this year, the band seeks a more longterm relationship – preferably with someone willing to hit the road for indefinite periods of time, being a sick-ass boss all the time.


It’s a tall order, but if you got what it takes, you got what it takes. The ideal candidate should start by being able to play the shit out of existing NeO material. From there, some decent gear, prior live experience, and professionalism could take you where you want to go.

Anyone seriously interested in the position should shoot the band an email, from which you’ll be provided the tabs/sheet music to learn “Painters of the Tempest (Part II).” You’ll perform an audition video, and badda-boom, badda-bing. That’s how these things happen.

The best part? Auditions are open to anyone from anywhere in the world. So, not being from Straya isn’t a deal-breaker in the slightest. Serious candidates should take a peek at the full specs sheet before nailing the au-dish. As always, best of luck to any hopefuls out there!

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