Iron Reagan Show You How To Make a Flash Mosh On Public Transportation

There’s a whole lotta stuff to learn when it comes to making metal music. You’ve got your scales, and your chords, your arpeggios, your forms, you’ve got your riffs. You’ve got your guitars, basses, drums, vocalists, pedals, synths, synth pads, amp simulators, HM2 clones, triggers, and midi basses. You’ve got recording gear – consoles, mics, preamps, compressors – and you’ve got recording techniques – room mics, phase relationships, mic blends, tones, DIs. You’ve got your history: your LPs, your documentaries, your books, your oral accounts, your podcasts, your blog archives.


And you’ve got your Flash Moshes.

Iron Reagan, who in addition authoring a new sound object Tyranny of Will, are the pioneers of this technique. Upon release of their new music video “Miserable Failure”, mainstream alternative music blogs lauded the band for their playful innovation of the Flash Mosh technique. And now, Relapse has posted Outtake footage from the video, which provides an intimate behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to build a Flash Mosh, from the ground up. Enjoy:

Not all Flash Moshes are without their pitfalls, however. Just as a mids-boost might cut the attack from your guitar tone, your Flash Mosh may create enjoyment for Moshers at the expense of civilians. See below:

not happy

The end result of Reagan’s experiments was this film:

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  • Aw, man, I was waiting for someone in nice clothes on the bus totally not part of the recruited crew to jump right in.

  • This needs to happen at UChicago. I will make it so.

    • I hear people are pretty huffy about making the terrible shows that happen there “safe spaces” these days. Pls do something about that

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