DEATHGASM Movie Red Carpet Interviews With Cast And Director

I think this was a pretty good way to start out my red carpet career (assuming I do more than one ever) – I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of the splatstick heavy metal horror comedy Deathgasm, a torrid tale of two metalheads who unwittingly unleash a demonic horde and then must destroy it using the power of metal. I also got the opportunity to interview some of the people involved in making it, and hell if I was gonna waste an opportunity to ask some seriously stupid questions.


I talked to writer/director Jason Lei Howden, lead actress Kimberley Crossman, Axeslasher frontman Justin Lascelle and VH1’s Doc Coyle who was in attendance about which guitar they want to be bludgeoned to death with, what song they want to hear while they die, and which metalhead would make the best zombie. I also may or may not have sang an impromptu Beatles duet with Doc. You’ll have to watch to find out….

Deathgasm is out now on VOD of various kinds, including iTunes. Posers beware.

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