DEAD CROSS’s “Seizure and Desist” Is Gonzo-Punk Madness

There’s been a lot of anticipation for Dead Cross, the Dave Lombardo-led punk/metal outfit who has seen its ranks grow to include Faith No More/Mr. Bungle singer Mike Patton and string-slayers Michael Crain and Justin Pearson (Retox).


I was nervous at first: I love Lombardo and all, but I really didn’t want another retro-thrash supergroup. But the addition of Crain and Pearson has brought a similar quality to what Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel did for Gorguts – they’re not serving Lombardo’s agenda so much as they’re operating as a cohesive, totally unique unit (if you’re not familiar with the duo, I highly recommend checking out Retox’s last album, Beneath California).

Meanwhile, Patton is doing some of his best work since his collab with the Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s amazing how much this dude’s style adapts to such a wide variety of music, and that’s on full display in the charged new animated video for “Seizure and Desist,” which you can view below. Jam it and pre-order Dead Cross’s first full length here.

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