Holy Shit, Converse Just Made a Shoe With a Built-In Wah Pedal

Man, good work adventure team. Converse has teamed up with design firm Critical Mass and fashion-tech company Cute Circuits to build the All-Wah, an “invisible wah pedal” built into a friggin pair of Chuck Taylors. And named after Chet Atkins, who I didn’t know was the first ever guitarist to use a wah – did he ever use it again though? lol


The shoe functions based on Bluetooth and a literal freaking wah sensor built into the sole of the shoe. No word on when exactly these shoes will be available (or if its all a dream), but check out a demo video below:

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  • Someone is going to trip and ruin their entire rig wearing these on stage and forgetting they’re essentially tethered to their amp. And what happens if you step in a few too many puddles?

  • How unnecessary

  • Good idea! How much?

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