Back in October of 2018, I put out the first of 2 videos about ordering a Skervesen 8-string guitar. It was a fun video to make – I looked at what the brand had to offer, and I chose from the existing options while adding a couple small tweaks of my own. Easy, fun, boom, done.


It was the first of the “Let’s Build A Guitar” features I’d done, so we’ll call it a rookie mistake – I should have waited to put out that video until the guitar was ready to ship. You all watched that video, and the follow-up that came too shortly thereafter, and for the next year, you waited while I waited. It’s alright for me to wait – I’m a patient boy. But there’s no reason for you guys to have to wait. So you’ve been asking me – a lot (understandably) – where’s the Skervy? WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!

Well, I finally have an answer for you – it’s here, and it’s magnificent. It’s actually been here since March, but unfortunately the Apocalypse hit and I got too busy to edit the video, as it and many other things fell by the wayside. But now we’ve righted the ship a bit, and the video is above for you to peruse at your leisure. You can also enjoy the transition from t h i c c Trey to the more svelte iteration you see before you now. (Thanks Keto!)

You can learn more and order your own Skervesen here.

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