Announcing RelationShapes 2 – Guitar Intervals System

At long last, it’s here! If you were someone who enrolled in my RelationShapes Guitar Scales System, then you have probably been awaiting the next installment in the series, and today, you’ve got it!


RelationShapes 2: Intervals is a complete course on how to play every interval shape on the guitar. Intervals are the building blocks of harmony, the smallest unit of harmonic measurement, sort of like the Lego bricks of music. If you know them well enough, and how to play them on your instrument, then there’s no stopping you – you can go anywhere, from anywhere, at any time.

An interval is just the musical distance between two notes, but there are a lot of them, and a lot of ways to play them on the guitar, and they look a bit different depending on a number of factors. But in this course I’ve broken it down for you all the way to the easiest and most systematic way so you can keep them all organized in your mind, and after a little bit of practice, transcend the system altogether and just play.

This very powerful and simple course is on sale for the next 30 days for $34.99 for forever access at this link here, so if you want to really up your game and understanding of the guitar, then now’s the time!

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