Adam “NOLLY” Getgood Walks Through Drum Mixing Masterclass For PERIPHERY’s “It’s Only Smiles”

With the release of the latest P IV: Matt Halpern Signature Pack from Getgood Drums, Adam “Nolly” Getgood has released part 1 of a 2-part series regarding drum mixing on the Periphery song “It’s Only Smiles”! BUT there’s a twist: all of the original drums have been replaced with samples from the new Matt Halpern Signature GGD Pack. As you can tell from the tutorial, Nolly goes pretty damn in-depth on the drum mix from the kick to the snare, to the overheads and back. This is a great resource if you do a lot of modern metal mixing, or if you’re just starting out. Nolly has been making amazing moves in the industry for quite a while now and is a total expert when it comes to teaching and passing on his knowledge. Check it!


If that weren’t cool enough, you can actually mix along with this tutorial by downloading the song stems and MIDI files here for free! Don’t forget to check out the Matt Halpern Signature GGD Pack here as well if you haven’t already.

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