CHRIS LETCHFORD Talks New SCALE THE SUMMIT Album: “This Is Honestly My Favorite Stuff Yet”

Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit sat down with Gear Gods’s very own Trey Xavier for an exclusive interview at Kiesel Guitars in Southern California. The pair cover a variety of topics, like tech specs on Chris’s new multi-scale Kiesel Vader. It’s the super sick one he’s holding in the video, don’tcha know. They also discuss the tension that disintegrated Scale the Summit’s previous lineup, and his plans moving forward. Chris expresses his satisfaction with the new lineup and the upcoming material that is some of his “favorite stuff yet.”


As part of turning over a new leaf and leaving old worries behind, Chris Letchford has ditched the Axe-FX and gone for the Line 6 Helix. He details the reasons for the swap in the interview, so be sure to catch that. From what he says, it seems like a fairly intuitive unit that challenges the industry-leading Fractal stuff. He’s actually gone for a complete rig overhaul this year, pickups and guitars included. There’s more on that in the video.

Oh, and one last thing: Who the hell doesn’t dig on Chris’s solo stuff? Is it you? You should be ashamed of yourselves, for real. Every last one of ya.

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