This Ryan Adams / Taylor Swift Interview About Songwriting Process is Great

Something that always seems to get skimmed over by the music media is the actual subject of songwriting process. I see it happen all the time with inexperienced interviewers, who screw up getting a good answer out of a band by asking something too specific, or by confusing/conflating aspects of the music-making process (writing, rehearsing, composing, recording, production, mixing, mastering are all vastly different!).


As a result, very few music journalists/bloggers are able to pierce the songwriting veil, which can often contain awesome nuggets of useful or interesting information. Which is why I loved this little interview video where Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift discuss the craft of songwriting. Taylor Swift continues to impress me, and I (srs) think she’s one of the great artists working today in any genre – mainly due to her auteur-like ability to visualize and realize her vision from top to bottom every project, song, and video that she creates.

Really recommend this for aspiring and working metal bloggers alike – try to aim to get answers like this! Taken from GQ’s recent profile of Taylor.

And yeah, Ryan Adams is wearing a Metallica shirt in this vid. He actually jocks a lot of less-mainstream metal too, like Emperor and Power Trip (brb waiting for the VICE/Rolling Stone expose on him supporting homophobic murderer black metal music):


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  • Why do so many equate songwriting with lyric writing?

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