On this latest episode of Coffee With Ola, guitarists TOSIN ABASI and OLA ENGLUND sit down and discuss creation on the guitar and how artists are now able to customize the industry to not only their own needs but the needs of their fans and consumers. Tosin gets into the design reasoning behind his custom guitar brand, ABASI CONCEPTS, detailing from build choices to pickup choices to paint choices. It’s always a pleasure getting a look into the minds of artists like Tosin and Ola because both are successful on levels other than just music. Both have started their own custom gear brands (Tosin’s ABASI CONCEPTS, and Ola’s SOLAR GUITARS) and have traversed the music industry from both independent and label perspectives.

I feel like I’m right on the cusp of some understanding regarding the direction of the music industry. It has something to do with artists taking ownership of their own work and becoming their own brand, and putting that brand strength behind multiple ventures, and the success of those ventures further strengthen each other and their individual brand. I’m not sure if I can articulate exactly what’s going through my head at the moment, but definitely check out the video above to get inside the heads of two of heavy music’s renaissance musicians as they discuss topics that are very pertinent to the metal industry as a whole.

Check out Tosin’s ventures in Animals As Leaders and Abasi Concepts, where you can get a hold of his signature Pathos Distortion Pedal. And be sure to check out Ola’s ventures in The Haunted, Feared, and Solar Guitars.

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