NO GUITAR IS SAFE Podcast Releases Episode 78 Featuring TOSIN ABASI

You know, there are some guitar players out there that I don’t really even try to understand. Much like the works of Picasso, Monet, Dali, and Warhol, I find myself just appreciating the end result and knowing that I will never be able to understand or utilize any of the techniques that went into creating such an impeccable and monstrous piece of art. Tosin Abasi’s playing is much like that to me. I kind of just realize that he’s on a whole other level and I’m totally fine with that. I can appreciate his work without having to understand his process and technique.


However, for those of you that are interested in getting a glimpse into Abasi’s world, this may be for you. In episode 78 of the NO GUITAR IS SAFE podcast (brought to us by Guitar Player Magazine and we find host Jude Gold sitting down with the legendary guitar wizard known as Tosin Abasi. This podcast features a whole plethora of topics including some of Tosin’s favorite riffs, his favorite approaches to the guitar, favorite gear, as well as some glimpses into his creative process both on his own and with Animals as Leaders.



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