NAMM 2015 – My First Piece of Gear (featuring BTBAM, TBDM, Ola Englund, Dillinger + More)

On this site we tend towards the new, the flashy, the best. But what about the first? The first instrument you play can really shape your early musical experience and partially determine your musical path. We interviewed a whole mess of awesome metal musicians at NAMM about their very first piece of gear. The answers were very revealing about how they arrived at where they are.


I think this also highlights an important thing we rarely touch on here: the importance of entry-level instruments. It’s easy to look down my nose over my $2K+ EBMM JP at a Squier starter pack, but this video is evidence that such a pack can be the start of great things. So don’t be afraid to start on cheap gear, it has the same notes as the expensive stuff, and it’s all just a vehicle for the artist – and that’s YOU!

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  • Ola Englund is Jesus.

  • “A low, low, low end Ibanez Soundgear bass…”

    So… an Ibanez Soundgear.

  • I live in a 3rd world country. So, the first guitar I bought was made by the same people who make like chairs and tables ! It sounded really bad . Then I bought a Schecter Omen 6 FR…….

  • An ibanez Copy… and i still have it

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