Jack White Talks about Drumming in Dead Weather

Although Dead Weather, the supergroup featuring Jack White and members of Queens of the Stone Age and the Raconteurs, sounds pretty cool in theory (in particular because it’s great to see Alison Mosshart of the Kills in a new band), I was pretty let down when I saw them play on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the other night.


I guess I’m just tired of these revivalist recordcollectorcore bands that come up with one “blues” guitar riff, throw it underneath a mountain of vintage fuzz pedals, and then stop right there. I guess that after years of that music written and performed incredibly well by bands like Clutch and High on Fire, Dead Weather comes across as kinda corny.

It’s definitely interesting to see Jack White drumming, though. I knew he had some years of practice as a kid before the White Stripes blew up, but I had no idea that he was able to basically hold his own in a proper band. It’s cool (and unsurprising) that he’s inspired by great drummers like Ringo Starr, and I can’t knock someone trying out something a bit different with their artistry. I guess this band just needs some time to grow into itself.

But if you’re into this sort of thing, check out Jack White talking about his drum influences, building his kit, and designing parts for Dead Weather:

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