DEVIN TOWNSEND Talks About Meditation And His Trip To India In This Interview With INSIDEOUT

Devin Townsend sat down with InsideOut Music to talk about his recent trip to India and all the crazy things it included. We here at Gear Gods could listen to Devy talk all day, and his conversation about India, meditation, and so much more can instantly pull you in.


As someone who self-admittedly states that his music has had a certain “new age” quality to it, Devin talks about his relationship with meditation, its new presence on his latest record Empath, and all of the inexplicable things he learned while on his most recent trip to India. It’s a heavy topic that is worth discussing, as Devin talks about the disparity he felt in the country, the poverty he witnessed, and the general emotions he and countless others have experienced while visiting such a country. In his own way, he describes the whole experience quite poetically, and this short-but-sweet interview is certain worth a listen.

Music-wise, you can pick up Devin Townsend’s new record Empath here.

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