DEVIN TOWNSEND Gets Personal in Latest Interview with Stevic MacKay

Multi-instrumentalist and prog lord DEVIN TOWNSEND has recently taken time to chat on the phone with Twelve Foot Ninja’s Stevic MacKay in the latest segment of Chinwag with Stevic. This is probably the best Devin Townsend interview I’ve ever heard for multiple reasons. In this in-depth yet relaxed conversation, Devin opens up and talks about some insecurities that he faces as a human being, and how it has affected his career as a musician. Stevic provides a warm setting for the interview and provides excellent thought-provoking questions. In return, Devin is incredibly transparent about the truth and relevance of the music industry and how he manages it all.


From Devin:

“I’ve had to learn to be okay with people being upset with me. And that, I think, is a very liberating skill set to incorporate in doing this. Because yes, like you say, you can’t win but, you can’t blame people for not understanding…More so than trying to fight it, more so than trying to win it, more so than trying to feel sorry for myself or whatever, I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m like, I’m going to do what it is that’s important to me. My intention is to help, not to hurt. I’m also gonna have to accept that people are gonna hate my fucking guts. As soon as I started thinking of it that way, it was really liberating in a sense.”

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