DEVIN TOWNSEND Opens Up About Creative Identity on the URM Podcast


I heard a story once that Steve Vai once said that he knows only two musical geniuses: one was Frank Zappa and the other is DEVIN TOWNSEND.

While I can’t verify if this story is 100% true, it illustrates the mythical status that DEVIN TOWNSEND holds in the eyes and minds of those of us in heavy music.

I’m incredibly stoked that UNSTOPPABLE RECORDING MACHINE was able to get a hold of and have an incredibly informative and in-depth conversation. URM’s interview style is always casual and conversational, allowing their guests to really get comfortable and articulate their thoughts like they’re among friends.

So if you want to feel like you’re having a coffee with you’re favorite artists/producers/managers, then dig into their backlog of podcasts here.

DEVIN’S new album EMPATH is out now, and he’s released several videos documenting the creation and process behind the album which can be viewed on YouTube here. Check him out on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. And follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Follow UNSTOPPABLE RECORDING MACHINE on YouTube and Instagram. And check out their service here and podcasts here.

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