Members of BTBAM, PLINI, and TESSERACT Gather Round the Guitar Round Table (Via MusicRadar)

Well, well, well, we haven’t seen a lineup this stacked since IHOP brought back the triple-bacon-slammer™™™. The good people at MusicRadar were able to gather half a dozen guitarists from Between the Buried and Me, Plini, and TesseracTand corralled them into the same room to talk guitar, music, and everything in between. It’s pretty incredible, honestly, because these dudes have been around in the music industry for a long enough time to be able to speak from real experience and give educated points of view on some topics a lot of musicians struggle with. You can read the full interview here.


A small sample from the interview:

Do you also agree that you can’t start guitar thinking about a career? You’ve got to set out focussed on the music first and just enjoy that…

Acle: “Unless you want to be a session player.”

Dustie: “It’s important for people who start playing guitar to just learn how to sit down and jam on the instrument. That’s how you come up with riffs and parts. Sit down, plug into your amp and enjoy playing guitar. Not thinking too much about, ‘I want to be rich and be a rockstar.’ Play some riffs and enjoy it.”

James: “I think that’s the key word – enjoy. Because if you don’t really love it, you’re not going to put the time in.” 

Dustie: “Young kids nowadays, you’re screwed anyway if you’re trying to be some rich, famous rockstar.”

Paul: “The reality is with all of us, with the situations we’re in, luck is the key component. We’re all really fortunate that people liked our stuff . We were making music and somehow it made its way to a level where we were able to tour and play shows. For most people it’s just not gonna happen – that’s the reality of it.
“So you absolutely can’t start with the objective of making a career in music. It’s pointless. You definitely have to have a passion for playing music and enjoy writing for the sake of creating something. It has to be totally for the love of the game, so to speak. The other stuff is by happenstance, even if you’re lucky enough.”

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