Nick Menza’s Isolated Megadeth Drum Tracks Will Have You “Sweating Bullets”

Megadeth was one of the original technical metal bands. That’s kind of funny to think now, in the time of Archspires, Necrophagists, and Dillinger Escape Plans, but in their time, it was them and Metallica (Dave hilariously referred to Megadeth as “techno-metal” in an interview once – I don’t think that’s what he meant) as the most technical bands in the world. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of MegaDave getting a fan letter saying that he hoped that their new album would be faster than Metallica, so Dave bumped all the songs up 20 BPM.


Now, after all that, you might hear this song and think, well, that’s not very technical, even for Megadeth. But then you might think a little harder, and realize that this was recorded in 1993, before you could edit performances to perfection in Pro Tools, and that for something to be this perfect, Nick Menza would have had to actually play it this perfectly.

That’s pretty tech.

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