WARWICK – Behind the Scenes “Making of” Custom Katana 8-String Bass

If you’ve ever wanted a peek at how instruments are made without having to inhale sawdust and finish fumes, this video from Warwick has got ya covered. Ex-Kyuss and current Sun and Sail Club bassist Scott Reeder had a beautiful custom shop bass put together, and it’s perfection. If you’re unfamiliar with the model, Warwick has a custom shop shape called the Katana that Scott had done in an 8-string configuration with a chrome finish. Super rad piece, indeed. You can catch a glimpse of the production process below, which is pretty cool to watch:


I always thought the Strat Robbie Robertson played in The Last Waltz was chrome and looked like the neatest shit ever. It’s actually bronzed and just super shiny under stage lights, and I’m half-stupid and get bronze and chrome confused. BUT, this actual chrome bass satisfies whatever aesthetic thirst I have/had for shiny instruments.

Also, dope basses aside, you should seriously watch this video for its soundtrack. It features a couple Sun and Sail Club jams: “I’m Not Upside Down” and “Alien Rant Factory.” The tracks are great, the visuals are great, it’s a win all around. Thank you, Warwick Basses, for being so swell.

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