ALLUVIAL Releases Guitar Tab Book for A Deep Longing for Annihilation Through Sheet Happens


Instrumental metal lords Keith Morrow and We Hauch of Alluvial made some big waves this year with their release The Deep Longing for Annihilation. Its ferocity knows no bounds, and has left players with just one question: HOW?

Well, wonder no more players! Alluvial have teamed up with guitar tab monolith Sheet Happens to bring the magic off the page and right into your fingers. Sheet Happens means quality, and they are the only ones in the game putting out stuff like this, so don’t sleep on it.

You can get your very own digital or physical copy of the tab book here on Sheet Happens. If you haven’t gotten Alluvial’s smasher album, Keith’s website has you covered. Like ’em on Facebook too if you got a like to spare, which you should, cause they’re free

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