MASTODON’S Brent Hinds Is The Subject of New Documentary/Instructional DVD

In my humble opinion, Brent Hinds is the most bat-shit crazy, unstoppably bad-ass mind in metal right now, maybe even all of rock and roll. The dude is a driving force behind one of the biggest metal bands in the world and doesn’t even like metal or the idea of being in a ‘metal’ band. To me, that’s the most metal thing ever. He’s so metal, he makes heavier music than most ‘metal’ bands and he’s trying not to be metal. That’s fucking brutal. Also, there’s the epic amount of substance usage and the carvings of massive wooden genitalia to round of a truly unique snowflake of a personality.


Now you have the opportunity to delve the depths of the rabbit hole that is Hinds’ mind and learn some of his riffs in one audio-visual experience for about 20 to 25 bucks (from Fret12). Check out the trailer. There are some snippets of stories that have me genuinely intrigued. I don’t really care how much of it is true, I’ll sit and listen to a stories about train hopping with narcotics and Jimmy Fallon trying to kiss Brent Hinds any day.

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