The SMG C*ckblocker Gate Has A SECRET That Even Glenn Doesn’t Know About

Glenn Fricker is releasing a new gate pedal called the Cockblocker, a (supposedly) one-knob gate pedal with a loop so you can put it in your amp’s effects loop (where it will be the most effective) but also trigger it from your guitar’s raw DI signal straight in before it gets muddied up by all the other stuff in your chain.


(note: The Cockblocker is now available as a plugin as well!)

But what do we really know about the pedal? Only what Glenn has told us (and what I said in my review below) – but there’s something going on in the pedal that even Glenn himself doesn’t know about it. So I went inside the pedal to investigate further – watch the video above to see what I uncovered during #GateGate!

Get your own Cockblocker here and see for yourself.

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