Someone Made A BOSS Doorbell Pedal

Earlier in 2022, Acorn Amplifiers introduced a doorbell made from the outer shells of some pedals. Everyone had a laugh and that was that… until Elad “Gear Ant” Mezrahi took things one step further. Gear Ant has created an actual Boss Doorbell pedal named the DB-2, which to the best of our knowledge does not make your guitar sound like a doorbell. Though it would be pretty funny.


“@gear_ant made this! Earlier this year we created the Boss pedal doorbell setup (including a mini Klon version). The amazing Elad made us an actual DB-2!! So stoked on this. Gear Ant is the best”

The pedal is not for sale, but we wish it was. Instead of the Doorbell DB-2, you can check out some actual Boss pedals from this year like the recently-reissued Slicer and the DS-1W Waza Craft distortion pedal.

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